Peter S.

A buyout negotiation with winners on both sides

Peter S. was co-owner of a UK subsidiary of recruitment agency the Randstad Group, but after 5 years of learning about the corporate world he decided he wanted more. Peter joined the Leadership Academy in 2008 and it was here, after listening to a programme of inspirational speakers, that he had the idea for a management buyout.

The Academy’s monthly peer group meetings are an opportunity to work with peers to tackle the toughest challenges, so it was to his group Peter brought an idea of a management buyout for discussion. “I found the group 100% supportive and they coached me through the buyout process, on how to do it and where to be careful.”

With this support, in 2013 Peter became the owner of Mandeville Recruitment Group, following a successful management buyout process. For him, being part of the Leadership Academy was inspiring, “I think I’m doing ok in life, and then I see people further ahead and it inspires me to be the same,” he said. “I love learning from the speakers and the others in the group. I always aim to get value out of the group and take something back with me from every meeting that affects my business positively.”

This long-term learning and support continued to benefit Peter. As well as setting up his new business, when he wanted to develop a property portfolio, he was able to turn again to his Leadership Academy peer group where he found members with the business experience to give him advice freely.

Peter appreciates the competitive advantage that being part of the Leadership Academy offers: “I can see the difference with colleagues who don’t have something like the Academy. It helps you to develop, to deal better with business and people. The Academy gets you so far ahead of other people. It’s like the more I learn, the more I earn.”