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  • Andrew R.
    Since being in The Academy, I have had some of my most profound life experiences. Not only has the Group Chairman been instrumental in my personal income more than doubling, he has facilitated learning experiences with some of the best speakers and trainers in the world helping me to be the best I can be. His approach to life has also allowed me to have some of the best retreat experiences in my time with the academy. I can honestly say I would not be where I am now without his input.  
    Andrew R.
  • Paul R.
    I have been fortunate to have had the Group Chairman as my business coach and friend. During this time both through participating in the Academy and from our 1 to 1 session’s, he has helped me tremendously to develop my leadership skills and to understand where my strengths lie and how to use those strengths in my day to day life. He has also helped me keep the faith during some very tough times. He really is a great coach, enabling me to find the way myself, and not just giving the solutions. He has helped me navigate many complex issues by delivering critical insights guidance and support. He has the ability to grasp the issues quickly and find a simple way of breaking the issue down and working to a solution.
    Paul R.
  • Nick A.
    Being a member of The Leadership Academy has been a total game changer for me on both a business and personal level.  It is instrumental in helping both myself and my parents structure a deal for me to take over control of the family business. What could have been a very difficult process was totally seamless and both parties were delighted with the Academy’s involvement from start to finish. There are far too many things to write down on how being a member of the group has been the best investment I have ever made. If you are eager to improve the way you run both your business and personal life then I implore you to join this group!
    Nick A.
  • Mark H.
    The advice and support have been invaluable to my business activities and personal development. The professionalism and insight given in our one to one coaching, combined with my membership of The Leadership Academy programme, has allowed me to define and achieve numerous business and personal goals, which combined, has given me focus, fulfilment and contributed to enhanced quality of life. The Coach is compassionate, non-judgemental, totally reliable, and am always surprised by his complete dedication and support, which often exceeds my expectations. What I feel is unique, is that he is fully accountable to me and the other members of his Academy Group for his own personal and business objectives. Not only does he coach each and every individual, but he is open to learning and coaching from this group. This demonstrates his absolute commitment and dedication to leadership development. I would therefore highly recommend The Leadership Academy for anyone with ambition for business and personal development.
    Mark H.
  • Paul B.
    The Chairman of The Leadership Academy has been with me through all my ups and downs, as a friend, coach and mentor. As far as I am concerned in any of those scenarios good and bad without his invaluable help, support and guidance the outcome of each of those would have been significantly worse. I am lucky to have had him by my side throughout my career guiding me and helping me succeed in all of my exploits. I hope that one day I can do the same for someone else.
    Paul B.
  • Lawrence M.
    The Leadership Academy’s approach to mentoring is extremely effective, and has without doubt, enabled me to become a better person, both in the way I run my business and how I manage my life, and my relationships around it. The Coach’s ability to challenge my thought process when we meet and to offer up inventive, insightful and creative solutions has been invaluable.
    Lawrence M.
  • Warren R.
    Our Group Chairman is not only an incredible Coach and Mentor but an inspiration to all of us. There is no doubt for me that he has helped me enormously with my life skills and self-development/awareness. He has shown great leadership qualities combining kindness and thoughtfulness creating a family feeling within our group. Being a part of the Academy has been a life changing experience for me.
    Warren R.
  • Damon S.
    Having worked in my family business from aged just 18, I had to learn quickly on how to buy and sell, how to run a business and how to manage people. However, it wasn’t until I joined the Academy at 30, that I really got the mentoring I needed to be able to do these things properly.
    Damon S.
  • David M.
    I only joined The Leadership Academy recently and it has been essential in identifying problematic areas in my own business and creating solutions. I cannot recommend the Academy enough.  
    David M.
  • Hiren S.
    The Academy has been such a refreshing revolution for business owners to find their freedom and space to develop their businesses and themselves. It provides a unique platform to enhance learning and get the best version out of oneself.    
    Hiren S.